Morphic Awakening

A Portal to a New Reality

What is Morphic Awakening?

In the wee hours of a summer morning, a bolt of energy awakened me from a deep sleep,  and the first words I heard were, “Quit looking at cellular memory, for that information is in the morphic fields and not in the body.” This was followed by a "download" of information revealing a new system of energetic healing and transformation. 

I named the new system Morphic Awakening, for it encompasses two essential components of transformation. The first is the direct experience of the field of unconditioned consciousness, the unlimited field that pre exists all forms, thoughts, and emotions, which I consider the primary component. The second component provides a way to connect to higher levels of morphic fields, those information fields that move us toward our highest potential. 

Before this remarkable epiphany, I had read a few books by Rupert Sheldrake, a Cambridge University biochemist and author who challenges the scientific community by positing the existence of powerful fields of information that organize our bodies, thoughts, stars, galaxies, and all other forms, material and non-material, and that these fields interact with and are influenced by our experiences. 

For example, it has been noticed that IQ tests must be frequently revised, for over time, people begin scoring much higher than the norm. When revised, the scores revert more to the norm. This is called the Flynn effect, which provides us with a clear example of morphic fields. The test takers are not becoming more intelligent; rather, the answers from the original IQ tests enter the morphic field, making the answers more accessible to test takers. 

This can be seen in crossword puzzle studies, too. People finish the Sunday London Times crossword puzzle significantly quicker on Monday than the Sunday puzzle takers. 

And, of course, many of us have heard about the hundredth monkey effect. Japanese scientists noticed one monkey had learned to wash sweet potatoes before eating them, an act mimicked by other monkeys in the group. After a large number of these monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes, suddenly monkeys in other locations far away began washing sweet potatoes, too. The learning occurred through non-local fields of information picked up by monkeys. 

Many of those in the scientific community rooted in materialism scoff at the idea of these fields, for it suggests that our laws of nature are based more on inherent memory and are not fixed. Of course, people who have been influenced by Carl Jung’s recognition of the collective consciousness can have an “aha moment.” When Sheldrake first went to India to share his theory, the reaction was: “This is nothing new. The rishis have known this for thousands of years. We call it the akashic records.” 

Now let me tell you how we use the fields in Morphic Awakening. Inherent in each form is the attractor field that holds the information for the infinite potential of that form, such as the adult attractor of the infant form, and it is that attractor information which Morphic Awakening connects us to for transformation. 

Throughout much of human history, we have lived largely from the egoic self, motivated by survival of the body, and considered ourselves victims of disease, poverty, war, and relationships. We have lived ignorant of our true identity as infinite, creative consciousness; and instead, this information of limitation has entered the morphic fields and shaped our human experience. 

Morphic Awakening is devoted to eliminating this information of limitation and connecting us to the attractor fields of infinite potential, not only changing our personal lives, but also transforming the fields of information to liberate all humanity from past limitations. 

Morphic Awakening is a cutting-edge consciousness technique that enables you to tap into higher frequency fields of information for self realization and to create instant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation and healing for yourself and others.You can experience this revolutionary method in at distance sessions with Sirriya or in her tele seminars, such as Ageless and Infinite Potential Self. Sirriya also offers a certification program in Morphic Awakening that consists of Levels 1 - 3 for transforming oneself and others, and culminates in a Mastery Level which permits one to teach Morphic Awakening. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops and tele seminars. Contact Sirriya to schedule a private appointment or simply to ask questions about her realizations and work.


"Blessings for presenting this wonderful tool to the world." -- Nancy Thomas

"I urge you to attend ANY class Sirriya is giving, and, if you can make the Morphic Awakening 1, you’ll be delighted, just as I was. It is an amazing set of tools I am already using with clients and getting great results". -- Rudy Hunter

"I’m finding that the Morphic Awakening Protocol is easy to use and extremely effective in facilitating change. The people I’ve used it on feel a difference right away!"  -- Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes

"The Morphic Awakening class takes us out of the field of “working and striving” and into a world of “play” that allows us to abide in consciousness and bliss. What fun to feel the instant changes and see them in clients. Everyone is smiling." -- Kristine Flones

"Morphic Awakening was an ‘incredible happening.’ By the second day, I felt so expanded in such a loving field that there was a deep knowing that there are infinite possibilities." -- Nadine Rumpkey