Morphic Awakening

A Portal to a New Reality

Private Session Information:

With a knowledge of consciousness distilled from her own realizations, Sirriya Din devotes herself to guiding others to the direct experience of an ever-present field of pure consciousness that is open, limitless and empty of conditioning: The True Self.

Next, she demonstrates how to utilize the capacity of the expanded field to dissolve the thought forms and patterns that are at the root of all suffering. Combining this realization with other modalities that utilize the field for transformation and healing, such as Morphic Awakening, Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, NLP, hypnotherapy, Ho'opono, and Releasing, Sirriya can take you home to the Self and sweep away the mental and emotional debris, revealing the radiance and joy at the core of who you ARE. Instantly!

Private Session Rates:

Single 1-hour Telephone-session –––  $200

6 1-hour Telephone-session Package ––– $1,000.00

To schedule an appointment, contact Sirriya via email at