Morphic Awakening

A Portal to a New Reality

About Sirriya Din:

Sirriya Din is the founder of Morphic Awakening and Quantum Bliss Energetics. She is a Yuen Method Master teacher/practitioner, certified Matrix Energetics practitioner, and a Regeneration Healing teacher/practitioner. She also holds a Master’s degree in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology. The synergy of her realizations in consciousness with these advanced energetic modalities produces profound possibilities for breaking through previous limitations.

"If in life each of us is given a mystery to unfold, my task is to help unravel the secret of happiness."

Subject to spontaneous eruptions of pure bliss since childhood, I felt compelled to uncover the precipitating conditions of this exquisite happiness in order to ensure its perpetual presence. And this aspiration for happiness was not for me alone, for it was evident that with everyone immersed in this bliss, the world would be transformed. Determined to grasp happiness, I plunged into relationships, rebellion, compliance, sex, intoxicants, achievements, social and political activism, psychological systems and spiritual paths: paradoxically, all these attempts to gain happiness resulted in suffering for myself and others. Finally, waving the white flag of surrender to the Cosmos, I gave up. No more striving for happiness. And in that moment information was seemingly downloaded into my consciousness, and I was handed the realization that in the willingness to open to all experience, one falls through layers of mind and emotion until ultimately arriving at the ground of being or pure consciousness. There we find our true nature is unconditional happiness and bliss.

After finding my true nature of unconditional happiness, another stream of exploration arose in this life, a stream that had a seed in childhood. Upon hearing from a junior high school science teacher that our bodies are not solid, but merely appear solid because of their slowly vibrating atoms, I felt tremors throughout my body. I ran home to tell my mother, for surely this would astound her, too. Her response to this revolutionary news was, “If you say so.” Everyone else responded similarly. In the late 90’s, I encountered Kam Yuen, who taught me how to use the non solidity of the body and the findings of quantum physics to transform myself and others physically, mentally and emotionally. What a relief to find communities of people who grasped the profound revolutionary potential of quantum realizations. Then, in the summer of 2014 at 2 AM, I awakened to another “download” for a new system of healing and transformation, which I call Morphic Awakening. Merging the quantum and happiness realizations into one system, Morphic Awakening has proven an amazing tool for self realization and healing that goes beyond all that I had previously learned. And it is as easy as child’s play! 

- Sirriya Din