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Healing Power of Purrs CD - Purchase


Healing Power of Purrs CD - Purchase


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The recorded purrs of nine feline divas, The Catskill Kitty Choir, woven into original musical compositions by master musicians Steve Gorn and Tommy B, support bone healing, help eliminate inflammation, and produce deep states of relaxation.

"Put a cat and a sack of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal" is an old veterinarian adage. The mystery of this healing was recently uncovered by scientists at Fauna Communications Research Institute who found the frequency of cat purrs, ranging from 25 Hz to 50 Hz, is the ideal frequency for bone regeneration and fracture healing. Extensive documentation reveals that exposure to these signals can increase bone strength by approximately 30%, as well as help to diminish inflammation.

Track List:

  1. Purr Purr with Catskill Kitty Choir (10:00)

  2. Persian Stardust (31:23) Catskill Kitty Choir, Steve Gorn, Tommy B

  3. Catnap Lullaby (20:03) Catskill Kitty Choir, Steve Gorn, Tommy B

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